© Bec Lavelle
© Bec Lavelle

Bec Lavelle was born as Rebecca Anne Lavelle at the 18.3.1980 in Maitland, New South Wales, in Australia.

Her father Mark Edward Lavelle and her mother Judy Anne have two other daughters called Sarah Elizabeth and Rachael Louise. Bec is the eldest daughter.

From the time she was three Bec has been singing and dancing.

1999 she graduated at the “Brent Street School of Performing and Acting”. After that she toured Australia in different shows and wrote songs.

2001 Bec was chosen to be the voice behind the songs for the series McLeods Daughters. She was singing in all three soundtracks to the series.

More than 70.000 sold albums from soundtrack 1 means a Platin Album for Bec and more than 35.000 sold albums from soundtrack 2 means a Gold Album for Bec and soundtrack will follow that way.

2006 Bec had a guest appearance as Bindy Martin in the series. She sings a duet with Michala Banas (as Kate Manfredi) as her guest character Bindy Martin.

Bec was a part of the Christmas Carol, the royal Easter Show in the Melbourne Myer Music Bowle and has a successful tournee to a the Australian soldiers and the other ones in Irak, Egypt, the Sinai and the Middle East.

On the Six Strings & The Works Tour of the Choirboys with Ian Moss and Jon Stevens Bec Lavelle was a guest actor.

On her discography we could find the three soundtracks to the series McLeod´s Daughter, a single called “My Heart is like a river” and since 2007 there is her first own album “Intimate Portrait”.

In 2010 Bec Lavelle finished work on her second album "Love & Bravery", which was released on 12. November 2010 in Germany.


Now she is living in Hamburg (Germany) and has started her "Love & Bravery Tour" on March, 12th 2011 in Germany.